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Ben's new book Sri Lanka is available

now on!

"A book of gorgeous photographs, Sri Lanka captures the people and culture of this island nation like none of us have ever seen before. From the mists at the top of Adam's Peak to the tea farmers in Nuwara Eliya, readers will be transported across the world at the turn of every page."

"Excellent photo documentary on life in Sri Lanka. High quality photos capture people and amazing scenery. Very nicely done."

"Awesome job done on this book. Amazingly beautiful pictures of gorgeous sceneries and people of Sri Lanka. Very high quality pictures and the book is well done. Enjoyed going through the pictures many times."

"Beautifully done.  Thanks to Ben! I recognized a couple places.  One of them I can never forget.  The picture taken late evening showing a beach shore, is very close to where I took my family when I visited Sri Lanka in May 2014... Thanks again for sharing."

To order custom prints, please contact Ben directly.

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